Kirk/Bones (new ship)


Unaware (but there)!verse - Bones/Kirk from ST XI

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Und tausend dank fürs posten! *umarm*
Und sorry, dass ich gestern nicht on war - der Film ging echt lang und mir gings danach irgendwie nicht so gut. ._.

Wooo you posted!! :D I also made a fic banner for the story but forgot to send it to you, it's on the art post. (Of course totally optional and you don't have to use it.)

Will be re-reading this baby soon! Can't wait.

*points above* As if we would let such a beautiful banner go to waste. And if we haven't made it clear enough yet, we fell absolutely in LOVE with your art. But now we can't decide which wallpaper to use as for the desktop ... *le sigh*

Hey. I was wondering if you would possibly be interested in Me podficcing this story? (And all of your unaware-verse, actually, what can i say, I'ma fan) You wouldn't have heard of Me, in audiobook circles at all, seeing I have not done any, as of yet, but, I'm going around and posting this comment broadly to the authors of all My favourite Jim/Bones storys, (the ones with the best characterization, and story, that really gets to the heart of who these two are, in My ever so humble opinion, which, most people seem to agree with, going by the comments) if they would allow Me the honour of recording them. Seeing as no-one sees to Be doing many, even with all the A-MAZ-ING fiction that is getting churned out in the wake of the movie, and Kirk/Spock (while fair enough, as I do like them too, and'll probably record something nice for them, also, but, still we need some more Kirk/Mccoy representative in the podbook world) is taking over in the jinjurly audiobook archive, so, I figured, as they say; if you want something done right, (or, at all, in this case) you got to do it yourself. So, if your interested, My email is; . I only put My email address, cause, sometimes, you just forget things, and, theres a better chance of My checking My emails, then going around to various peoples pages, to check if theres replys. Thank you, for your time, LonePanther.

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